Welcome, this is me trying to build a better nerd

Where to start…

me     Well let’s start with who I am. My name is Stephen Motes but all my friends call me Steps. It was a strange nickname from high school that just kind of stuck. As the name of my Facebook page implies I am a huge geek (or nerd if you prefer). I have had growing blogs before covering everything from cosplay to movies and comics. I have interviewed celebrities and I have run multiple Facebook pages talking about the same topics and just to have fun in general. This past month of my life has been something truly interesting. I am growing and all this started with me going back to school.

I decided that I wanted to better myself and go back to school. One of the first classes I could sign up for was Federal Government. As someone who has always paid somewhat attention to the political situations in the country and world, I rolled my eyes and wished I could just skip class. I felt like there was nothing left to learn and that it was going to do nothing but bore me. To my surprise the class was not only not boring but it was starting to open my eyes to a part of me I didn’t know existed. I began to notice that these issues were very divided, even the ones that I thought were pretty commonly accepted with people in my generation. Of course I live in Oklahoma so maybe I should have known that some people didn’t see certain issues the same way that I did. I was growing and learning and starting to change my priorities around, and then I stayed up till 3 in the morning to watch Trump become the President Elect…

Now, full disclosure, I supported Trump for most of the campaign. Not the man and a lot of the things he said but the difference between him and the Washington that we were so used to. I was afraid of Hillary and had no idea what we looked like after she won (Which I thought was a certainty). But I watched my country begin to tear apart after hearing who won. I watched people “protest” and Twitter became a vile feed of hate from both sides. I was left in the middle, thinking of everyone else out there like me. For those of us who supported trump but not the way he talked about certain things, we were being vilified and made into monsters with the ones who were acting like childish fear mongers. I felt trapped, I felt like no one would listen to me, but then I had a thought. There must be more like me. The ones who want a middle ground and who want to work with the “other side” to make sure we do truly make America great again. I believe we can do this, and it does not matter who won that night. We the people can make this the land we want it to be if we unite and stop tearing each other down… That is what this is. Building a better nerd is simply me becoming a better person and a better citizen. We will cover everything from politics to health.

I hope you will join me and join in on the conversation. Make sure to leave a comment and tell me what issues mean the most to you. Join us on Facebook and let’s have some fun while we grow together and bring real change to our country. Thanks for taking the time to read this all the way through. I can’t wait to start this journey.

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