Reviewed: Rogue One


What is there to possibly say about this movie that hasn’t already been said? It was nothing short of an amazing addition to the Star Wars universe. A movie that so many thought would be a terrible idea and that said would fall flat, especially without the jedi/sith and lightsaber battles. It was a true epic that did not stop building from the first moments of the movie. Now, before we go on lets get all the non spoiler stuff out of the way for those of you who have no had the pleasure of watching this movie yet…

This was simply the story of a rag tag group that set off to steal the plans to the death star for the rebellion. obviously there is more to it than that but this is the basis of the entire movie and how they come together was something that seemed organic and not forced at all. The story was so free flowing that at times it seemed like a movie I had seen a  1000 times before. We all know the story’s basics and have played it out in our heads before and this was exactly what I had always thought it was. All the characters felt real and there was not a single one of them that you did not understand. All the way from the cxr5jyiwaaaehuvJyn to K-2so were great. Ok, especially K-2so! He was the best droid since C3Po. Move out of the way BB-8, there is a new lovable droid in town and this one’s got jokes! Although, speaking of C3p0 and R2-D2, their little cameo was awesome. Not much but a nice little wave to the past. There were plenty of nice little mentions of the original movies that had me giddy through out the movie.

I was happy to see that movie stayed on track and did not venture far off of the main plot. There were little things here and there to help add to the characters but for the most part it was, well, it was what it was. There was no sappy love story (besides a father/daughter story) and there was no surprise that came out of left field to muddy the entire things. It was, in my opinion, perfect. They could not have done it better and to prove it let’s talk about one of my favorite parts of the entire thing. Warning…some people may consider this a spoiler if you haven’t seen it… I don’t think so but… warning anyways..



…Ok, are we clear? Good.



ok….i’m ok. Sorry about the yelling there but come on! Am I wrong? Who hasn’t been waiting to see Vader be able to look like the Sith lord we all know he is? The old movies had a hard time showing this presence with the lightsaber, the prequels showed off Anakin but we never got to see him move like that in the suit. It was a dream come true. That ending had me just staring at the screen like a child. And speaking of that ending, was I the only one that wanted to go watch A New Hope immediately and keep the story going? Surely not. I could see him coming through the door of the next ship looking for them, Leia giving the instructions to R2-D2…man… Well guys, on that note…. I’m off to watch A New Hope. Till next time! Maybe the force be with you!

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