Reviewed: Dr. Strange

Let’s start off with a little trivia shall we? Did you know that in 1978 there was a Dr. Strange movie made that looked like a really strong acid trip. The costumes where hilarious, the story was weird, and the graphics make it worth the entire time to watch it, if you want a good laugh that is. ( If you don’t believe me click here and watch the trailer from the movie)

But now, with the trivia out of the way, let’s get on to the new movie from the MCU. The movie tells the story of the one and only Dr. Steven Strange. He was a leading surgeon that screen-shot-2016-04-13-at-9-00-51-am-e1460564407986was focused on nothing more then himself and his career. After a huge accident he loses the use of his hands, at least enough to be a surgeon. After searching high and low for a cure to his shaking hands, he ends up in napal studying under the ancient one and trying to learn the ways of the mythical..

So there it is… his entire back story in one paragraph. Not that the movie did not do a good job of showing this to the audience but it may be the only thing it showed the audience. dormammu-doctor-strange-2016There was little real set up of a bad guy and even when they tried to bring in Dormammu it was only for  a few minutes and only proved to show off the time infinity stone. Now  why Dormammu did look awesome and I loved the scene.

Over all I was a little let down by it but the movie was what it needed to be. It was just like The first Avenger and the first Thor movie. It wasn’t the best in the MCU but set up an awesome character that will only add to the MCU in the movies to come. Especially when the Infinity Wars finally come. Overall Cumberbatch was an awesome Dr. Strange, but there is still room to improve and I think once we see him next and him becoming the Sorcerer Supreme. Now that will be an amazing movie. But until then we will just have to wait and see what they have in store for him in Thor: Ragnarrok… wait a minute!

doctor-strange-mid-credits-scene-explained-207934I almost forgot! That was the best part of the movie! The second end credit screen showed up and there was Dr. Strange and Thor talking over a drink and Strange asking why  Thor had brought Loki to Earth. Once he found out that finding Odin would send them all back to their realm, his finally words are ” Then allow me to help you.” So now we will not only have all the cast from Thor but not Dr. Strange will no doubt be in the movie and with the Rumors of the Hulk making an appearance… Ragnarok may be the movie to see!

What did you think about the movie? Did it rank in your top 3 MCU movies? What is the best move for Dr. Strange to take? Let us know in the comments below and make sure to follow us on facebook by clicking the links below! Until next time!




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