Reviewed: Playstation VR

1485053669607So, two years ago I got the chance to sit down and try out an Oculus Rift and try out the demo they had of a few different games and “scenes”. While it was fun and kinda cool it was not the best of experiences. The graphics were grainy and glitchy, the head set was very uncomfortable, and the most part was the motion sickness that came after you took it off. It was almost bad enough to make you need a trip to the closest bathroom. So needless to say when I was offered the chance to come and play around with the Playstation VR I was a little reserved at best, but this was something a very different.

First of all lets talk about the headset in general. I was amazingly comfortable and img_1716once you had it fitted to your face it was like it wasn’t even there. It looks bulky and heavy but it is quiet the opposite. The look of it is even a great design. You feel like you’ve come straight out of Tron! It doesn’t get much better than that! Adding in the headphone into the port just makes it a even more immersive experience. There is nothing but you and this new world you have stepped into. Sometimes that’s better than others… Let’s talk about the games.

I am not the biggest fan f horror games. Never have been and probably never will be. I will sit here in front of you and anyone one else and admit that I scream like a little girl at some of the dumbest things. It’s embarrassing. So imagine, if you will, me sitting and going through the games on the demo disk and seeing one simply called Kitchen… As it starts you are tied up in a chair in a kitchen while you watch someone trying to help you brutally murdered and then they come for you. It is very well done and definitely changes the game when it comes to horror games. It is a small taste of Resident Evil 7 that is coming in the weeks ahead. I probably won’t play it but it was intense for sure. The racing games was amazing and even some of the most mundane games were fun at least once and really put you in the role of the character unlike anything I have ever seen.

Overall the VR was amazing.The graphics were still not the greatest but if what people are saying is true that if it is run through a Playstation 4 Pro that the graphics improve greatly. There is no motion sickness or any negative feeling really (at least for me their wasn’t) but there was one issue that I was left with… the cost. $500 dollars is a huge ask for most people. I know the cost will drop eventually but it cost more than the system itself. And that is only counting the headset and the wands i believe. No games really come with it, and on top of that if I want the best graphics it can do then I have to trade up the the Playstation 4 Pro…. it just seems like a huge investment for something that I doubt anyone really plays enough of to justify. It’s a neat toy to show off to friends and to use once in a blue moon. There aren’t even enough games on it right now to keep you playing it for long. Eventually it will be a lot of fun but right now between price and game selection. I am going to have to pass.

Do you agree? Do you think that the price plays no part in it and that the game selection will grow fast enough to make it worth it? do you already have one? Let me know in the comments below and tell me what you think! Until next time!


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