Sound Off: Video game movies

Video game movies, unlike their more successful brother the comic book movie, has yet to ever gain any real steam. Even you you count the Resident Evil movies in there, which I do not, they have still yet to make their mark on cinema history. While this is the golden age for nerdy movies and pop culture these beloved characters have yet to be able to make the ever so difficult transition from the small screen to the silver screen, but it’s not for the lack of trying. As far back as 1993 people have been trying to bring this to life in search of the almighty dollar. So what has been holding them back? With the comic book movies taking off it’s as if the door as been opened for more and more to come out and this is exactly what has been happening. But let’s not get a head of ourselves. Let’s go back and talk about what the problems were…

In 1993 Nintendo tried their best to bring the Mario Brothers to the big screen. It is seen now as a comic joke rather than what it was intended to be. There are many reasons for its failure, but much like Street Fighter that would come the next year, it wasn’t the talent that they hired. They went after some big names and managed to pull them in. The movies were bust anyways. While Super Mario did manage to bring in over 20 million at the box office that was simply because it was the first of what many hoped would be the start to many amazing adventures of their favorite gaming character. The trend continued for a few years with Double Dragons and Mortal Kombat but eventual the studios got the idea and moved on to something else. 


Now of course there were many, and I mean many, straight to DVD movies that came out over the years. Do I need to remind you of Dragon Ball Evolution? I didn’t think so… but those movies were cheaply made and usually left a worst taste in our mouth than the ones we got back in the 90s. But I think there is a reason there and one that is being corrected today and used to its full potential. 

downloadIt’s about graphics in the end, Warcraft was a huge testament to that.  Honestly if you go back and watch Street Fighter and Mario Brothers some of the things they manage to pull off with out our modern day graphics are somewhat impressive. Now, of course you will still giggle at the terrible costumes and the cheesy dialogue but that brings me to the next point. They were written to be campy movies that children could laugh at and that they thought the adults would still like. Guess what? They didn’t… hell the kids barely even liked it. But now days they are going with completely new stories and some times introducing new characters all together, such as the new Assassins Creed movie. That’s not a bad thing. Through us an Easter egg here and there and tie it all together and sometimes that will work perfectly. 

With more and more movies coming out focusing on the games we all know and love I downloadthink the next boom in Hollywood will be these amazing video game characters. Just google upcoming video game movies and go through the list. It’s impressive and if they are as good as the comic movies are today, well, marvels anyways (DC is a story for another day), we will have years of enjoying our favorite characters in the theaters. Now if you don’t mind, I’m going to go watch the new Assassins Creed movie as I have even yet to watch it. Until next time guys!

Let us know in the comments down below what your favorite video game movie is! Let us know what game you hope they will turn into a film! Personally I still want to see a Metroid game unbelievably badly! What’s yours?

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