Reviewed: Resident Evil 7 (Spoiler free)

So this past Saturday I gave in and went down to buy Resident Evil 7. I have not touched a RE game in a while. I played through all of them until 5. I got through a small amount of it and just gave up on the series. I loved the originals and once 4 came out and everything
changed, i kind of just lost taste for the series. The puzzles that I loved so much were goneresident-evil-5_26-07-08_01 and what replaced it was carrying endless weapons and having to kill everything that walked to beat the game. It played more like CoD from a different point of view with zombies and the T virus. Not to mention that the story was stale to me. It was a sad day in my gaming life. A series that I loved and held high was suddenly not that interesting to me. It was a sad day indeed. So, naturally, when Resident Evil 7 came around the bend… I was not excited to say the least, but after hearing all the news and reviews from people, how could I not give it a chance? People would not stop talking about how it had the old school feel and on top of that it was in first person and not over the shoulder. It was worth a shot, even it did cost me $70.

Again, sticking with the spoiler free nature of this, I can’t tell you much about the actual game but we have all seen the trailers and the demo. The feel of this game is amazing. It is a throw back to the original games and all the old elements are back in a very real way. Should you kill the enemy or run and save the ammo? Where is that one piece to the puzzle you are missing? The first person view only adds to the scares it provides, which it does time and time again. It is the first time in a long time that a game have truly made me question going down the dark hall. The jump scares are there but the game is just truly terrifying. Admittedly I am a baby back… well you get the point, but this game delivers the horror in spadesresident_evil_7_tgs_screen.

The Manson family feel to the main bad guys is definitely felt throughout the game. From the videos you play through to the way they taunt you through the entire game makes you sit on edge wondering what hell they have waiting around every corner. It only adds to the overall atmosphere of the game. There are so many ways for this to end that it keeps you coming back for more time and time again. I am convinced that there are more endings to this game than the normal end story of most games. I am excited to see where it ends… oh wait?

Did I mention that I have not even finished the game? As it sits right now, I may be about half way through. I am not sure about it to be completely honest because I refuse to look at any walkthroughs or anything else. I have to see where this end… on this note… I think I will get back to it. I’m going to see what these devil rejects family have in store now. Until next time guys!

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