Who needs the Superbowl when Mutant League Football is coming back!

Update: As of this morning the team had reached %90 of their goal already! I can not wait to see how it goes from here and what add on’s they will be able to do now!

mfl%20logoSo last week I was strolling through twitter when I saw a link that a friend retweeted about a new kickstarter campaign. Monster League Football was the game they were trying to fund and my jaw hit the floor. I played countless hours of that game growing up. Me, my dad, and brothers would sit around and play and laugh at the cheesy jokes and parody names. As a kid the gore and insane style of football only made it that much better and funny. Needless to say, I needed to not only back this for sure (Which I have and more on that later) but I needed to know more.

I reached out to the team that is putting the new game together and asked if they would be up for a small interview and allow us to help them spread the word! Lucky enough the creator of the game found some time in, what I am sure is a busy day, to answer a few questions for us. Here are those questions that I had for Micheal Mendheim! Enjoy

First off, I wanted to start by saying thanks for taking the time to do this and talk with me. This is one of my all time favorite games that you guys are trying to bring back to life so I can wait to try it out tonight. But, that brings me to my first question:


  1. Why did you and your team decide to bring Mutant League Football back?

We’re not bringing Mutant League Football back. Our team with the communities help and direction are making a brand new game that is completely different and separate from the original. However, the spirit and sense of humor of the original game lives within this game. We decided to make this game because the loyal fans of the original have asked us to and because there is an empty hole for this sports genre in the gaming space. We see some real opportunity here. This game is for people who want to crack open a beer and play a fun, violent, arcade style football game with their friends.

  1. If this goes well are there plans to bring the hockey and soccer games back as well?

The only thing we are focused on is this game. If we do not kick ass with this game it’s over. This game is the only thing that matters to us, everything else is a distraction.

  1. After 24 years from its initial launch did you expect to reach 50% of your goal (as of writing this) in a single day?

Our entire team is humbled and grateful to all of our backers. THANK YOU!!!

  1. What are the plans for if you pass the main goal? 

Hahaha. This is going to get old real quick. Our only focus at this moment in time is to focus on our core goal of raising 60k so we can finish online play mode. If we are lucky enough to achieve that goal, the MFL community will let us know how they want their additional investment used.

  1. who was your favorite team to use in the original? Mine was always the Midway Monsters!

Midway Monsters, baby! That team was a parody of the Bears and it had Bones Jackson it. They weren’t the best team in the game but they were the team I played the most. They were awesome.

  1. The console release isn’t set until early 2018, can we expect a physical copy release or will this be a store only download?

We are a small game studio so there is no way we can take the inventory risk for a retail launch. We are going digital all the way, unless there is a publisher who believes in the project enough to take that step. Yo-hoo, anyone out there?

Well that’s about all the questions I have and get to out all this together with the actual play through tonight. Thank you and your team again for taking the time to do this and hope you reach and pass the goals! Can’t wait to see the full game and what comes next!



Make sure to check out the bottom of this article for all the links to their various social media accounts to stay up to date, but let’s move on to the niddy griddy! If you pledge a certain amount to the campaign then you will get access to the beta that will come this summer, but the full game is set to have its PC release in October of this year and then having the console release follow in the spring of 2018. If you want to give the game a try make sure to do like I already have and go support their campaign by clicking here! Even one dollar gives you access to the sneak peek and allows you to play a small piece of the game! I gave it a play and here are my thoughts on it.

The game was perfect! Still a tiny bit clunky but only because it is technically pre-alpha and for that it was awesome! The game played like I remember but the graphics were so much better, it has been 23 years after all. One of the best things to me was hearing the announcer from NBA Jam! Just one time I want to I want to hear boomshakalaka! I can’t wait for the full game to come and for the seasons mode and online to be opened up. Playing this game with friends and strangers a like will be a blast! I thought I was excited before but now it is so much more! Make sure to donate today and hey, if you pledge enough you can even name a character! Who doesn’t want to name their own character!

Follow the links below for more news and updates! Hope you all join me in supporting this and enjoy all the bone destroying hits and dirty cheap shots. I’ll see you all on the field! Until next time!


Facebook – www.facebook.com/MutantFootballLeague

YouTube – www.youtube.com/c/mutantfootballleague

Twitter –


Instagram –


Pinterest –




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