Reviewed: Resident Evil 7 Part 2 (Spoilers EVERYWHERE)

So last week we talked about the game that aimed to restore survival horror games to their rightful place. To recap those thoughts, this game is amazing.The horror side of the of the game was the best I’ve played through in a while. The story, which we will get into deeper later, was engaging and made you wonder until near the end of the game exactly what was going on. It was the best Resident evil game in years. Now let’s talk about all the fun that this game offered… last warning….Spoilers are inbound… a lot of them.


So from the opening scene of the game we are trying to find our missing wife of 3 years… 3 years?! You got a random email from your missing wife from that long ago and, naturally, our first instinct is to drive to the middle of no where Louisiana and wonder through the mason family house to see what the deal is. This guy has balls of steel, let’s start there. It’s crazy.His wife attacks him, not once, not twice, but depending on the ending you get 4 times by the end of the game! He gets his hand cut off and keeps on going. He fights through daddy 3 times and then only thing he does for healing is splashes some juice on it… either this guy is tougher than Chuck freakin’ Norris or…or… wait, we were infected weren’t we…we were seeing the visions, hearing the voices, and lived through losing body parts only to have it stapled back on. So does that mean that we took it with us in the end or because Eveline  was dead it just ends? Maybe the DLC will help us with this one down the road but let’s move on.

So our next stop is one word…Redfield…Chris Redfield. Now this was one of the moments that caught me most off guard. Not only seeing him in the game but to see him flying an Umbrella helicopter! Also why the heck is the symbol blue?!resident-evil-7-umbrella-corporation-helicopter-700x389 Now there are already all sorts of theories out there so we won’t go over all those but we do know that we will be getting some answers in the first (and free) DLC, Not a Hero. The name alone implies that he might not be what, or even, who we think he is. Maybe he wasn’t the good guy we thought he was. Just another lose end that I can’t wait to see tied up.

lucas_bakerAnd last but not least is Lucas. We killed Daddy and watched him blow away like dust just like we did to Marguerite. Even Zoe ends up meeting her untimely end and, again depending on your ending, so does Mia. Lucas however, we know was in the mines. There were trip wires every where and we can hear Redfield talking about him over the radio. Did Umbrella get him or did he get away. If so, is that two sources of this that got away. Come to think of it though, Umbrella has us in the helicopter at the end so maybe we aren’t free just yet. But back to the question about Lucas, will we see him in the DLC or maybe even keeping the story alive in 8? I hope so. I wanted more of the Saw like traps and horror.


I suppose we will start to get some answers in spring when Not a Hero comes out but I doubt it will answer much seeing that they are giving it to us for free. I do think that they will tie 7 into the rest of the Resident Evil universe but I doubt it will tell us much about the questions that 7 left behind.

What did you guys think once you got to play the game? Which ending did you end up with? Let us know in the comments below or let us know anything else that the game left you wondering. Until next time guys!

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