Cosplay Spotlight: The League of Megan!

On this weeks spotlight we get the lovely chance to talk with a lovely local cosplayer to our
11875174_1612004972384899_2184318045813019251_o area. She has done everything from Nightcrawler to Jessica Rabbit and all of them have been awesome. Every week we try our best to introduce you to another amazing cosplayer and give you the chance to get to know them just a little bit better! This week is no different and we hope you enjoy the interview and follow her and her awesome adventures through the world of cosplay. So, let us jump right into it!

1. What got you into doing cosplay to begin with?

I have always enjoyed theatrical role playing whether it be acting in a play or playing a table top game. I have always enjoyed any reason to dress up as well. I had first learned of cosplay conventions when I was a freshman in high school yet when broaching the topic with my parents it became clear I wouldn’t be participating in anything of the sort. I would actually have to sneak most of my fandoms I enjoyed because they weren’t exactly appropriate in my parents eyes. Once I moved out I sort of forgot about it, until I found the tokyo in tulsa page and decided to try it out. Tifa Lockhart was my first cosplay, yet I didn’t wear it to the first event I attended. I didn’t even attend TNT first. My first convention was actually in California while I was living there for a time. While I was there I took many pictures. I talked to several cosplayers there and came to find that the attitude was all the same, very supportive and caring. I knew then I was at home in the cosplay community and the next con I would wear my cosplay. I’ve been cosplaying ever since.

2. What is your fondest memory at a convention?

I would have to say I have many fond memories, most being of meeting facebook cosplay friends for the first time in real life, yet one moment sticks out more than the rest and that would be with my friend Megan. She was dressed as Aurora from Sleeping Beauty and I as the March Hare from Alice in Wonderland. We met up and actually just started dancing it was magical really.

3. Which do you prefer books/ video games/ or movies?

Oh definitely books! They have so much more plot and details encompassed in them. With books you are also more apt to imagine yourself as that character you are reading about, whereas in movies you get to watch but you dont get to imagine living that life, fighting the villians, experiencing the taste of the food they eat. Through books and imagination you are given the opportunity to envision these experiences through the descriptive writing of the pages.
4. What is your dream car?

My dream car is one that never requires no maintenance ever, will never break down and is pretty, also known as, I have no really idea for what my dream car is.
5. Best food for gamin/costume making/ just relaxing?

Food now that’s a hard one, it all depends on what my eating habits are at the time. it can range between Cheetos and Oreos, to orange slices and almonds.

6. What is the next costume you will be working on and what are your plans for the rest of 2017?

The project I am working on at the moment is a 16th century Italian gown, this however is for another hobby I have called the S.C.A.(Society of Creative Anachronism) which is best described as a medieval reenactment group. I have learned so much of my sewing skills through members of the group. Cosplay wise on the other hand, I am going to be in a group for Dungeons and Dragons Eevelutions that will be at Tokyo in Tulsa this year, I will be a Sorcerer Vaporeon.

I don’t know about you guys but I am excited to see the new cosplays when they come and to see them! Make sure to follow the links below and make sure to tell her we sent you! Make sure to drop a comment and tell us some questions you think we should ask in future spotlights or maybe even recommend a cosplayer! Until next week follow the links and enjoy the small gallery below!

League of Megan Facebook

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