Hero or Zero: Little Big Planet 3

Welcome to our newest series that will be coming to you weekly right here on Building a Better Nerd! We have all seen those games that we can download for free from either the Xbox Store to the Playstation Store and have wondered if they were worth the precious space on our hard drive or if they were free for a reason. I have personally had my share of both, so since I have both systems I thought I would save you the trouble! We will be covering all 4 games every month (2 from Xbox and 2 from Playstation) and letting you know the basics of the games and letting you decide if the game is for you or not! Don’t just download it and wait all that time to be disappointed, check out this post and decide!


This week we have Little Big Planet 3 to start this off with a bang! A game that 15280337499_2f8fcb47fbalways promises a stress free and fun game, this one is no different. All the elements from the older games are there. There is a campaign that can be played alone, although it is MUCH more fun to play with someone, and then there is the always entertaining creative mode. These two offer two very different types of game styles and opens it up for even more fun.

While one see’s you walk through the story of trying to stop the 3 titans that drain the creativity from the world at the hands of Newton (picture to the left), the other opens it all up to you. This is like Mario Maker for the Little Big Planet world. You get to get your hands dirty and create your own levels and then share them for others to play. This makes the replay value high, especially if you just enjoy playing random levels and figuring out the puzzles that people come up with!

The main point for me is my kids. They love to play games with me and this gives us something that we can play together and both enjoy. If you have played the older games and like those, this will only be better. If you have kids that play on your console, then this is for you for sure! But if those two things don’t fit you, then maybe just save the space and wait for 2 weeks until the next game comes! For what it is the game is fun and enjoyable but not for everyone.

Make sure and come back next week where we will be talking about Lovers in a Dangerous lovers-in-a-dangerous-spacetimeSpacetime for the Xbox One! Make sure to leave a comment down below and let us know what you think about Little Big Planet 3 and as always make sure to Click here to follow us on Facebook and Click here to follow me on Twitter! Until next week guys make sure to make the world a happier place, one nerd at a time!


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