Walking Dead Season 3….Once More Into the Breach

Telltale games has once again invited us into the Walking Dead Universe. Season 3 is upon us and the first two episodes are available for purchase. If you’ve followed the story since season 1 it’s always good to catch back up with Clem.


You start the game as Javier, an absent son, uncle, and brother with a troubled past. The game wastes no time throwing you into conflict. Not with the dead, with your own family. Though the apocalypse rears it’s head early. After an extremely narrow escape Javier and his family flee home and the story takes you to the present. You’ll notice some absences from the group, not all of this has been revealed yet. What starts as a seemingly simple scavenging mission quickly turns and kicks the season off on it’s tense and dangerous arc.



A familiar face emerges and we see our girl again. Older and much more sure of herself. As hardened a survivor as there has been in any form of Walking Dead fiction. You’ll fight survivors and find new settlements. The typical choices and consequences of former games are present and present challenges and story alterations as the player chooses their own dialogue and reactions.

It’s still very early in the story to talk about too much yet, but, what’s in place is solid and engaging. Clem’s flashbacks serve as a catch up since we left her in season 2. This story thread is already promising to be heartbreaking and intense. Javier on the other hand is dealing with similar situations in the present. Your emotions don’t get much in the way of a breather so far.

A comic and show favorite shows up in the second episode ( no spoilers) and brings some familiarity to the overall Walking Dead universe. It’s wonderful to be with Clementine again, albeit, as an ally again. The reveal at the end of the second episode has me chomping at the bit for episode 3.

Stay tuned or download it for yourself and play along! Well worth the time. Beautifully told and engaging story.





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