Hero or Zero: Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

lovers-in-a-dangerous-spacetimeWelcome back to Hero or Zero, where we take one of the free games on Xbox Live or the PSN, and let you know if it’s worth the space on that oh so precious hard drive. This week we are looking at the Xbox Live game; Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. (Also on the PSN and Steam of $14.99) At first glance this game didn’t seem to be the type of game that I would be into. It seems like a childish game (Not that that’s a bad thing) and just seemed to be something I was going to not enjoy playing, but nevertheless I began to play it anyways.

As the game starts it shows you a world, or universe is more like it, connected by love. Everyone is happy and everyone is connected. As you would expect, the universe is soon blown to pieces by anti-love and thus the adventure begins to bring love back to the universe and repair all the connections. Like I said, I was not excited to keep going. This seemed like it was something aimed at my young children but not for me. Then finally the game actually began.

At the start of the game, in one player mode, it is just you and your space pet. I choose the pig. Who doesn’t want a space pig? This pet can help you man one of the four turrets, the shields, or one of the other stations that can be manned on the prototype ship you are flying. Then as I started flying around in this ship and trying to navigate through the narrow path ways I finally ran into my first enemy. Learning to fly the ship around and spaceinvaders-gameplaymake sure the shileds are facing the correct direction ( the shields can rotate around the ship but only cover about a fifth of it at a time) was where it finally hit me. This is where I got invested and began to have a blast. I realized what this game was. It’s a modern more advanced version of Space Invaders. The bad guys come, and you must stop them from blowing up your turrets and ship. Suddenly this game got interesting. Once you begin to take out enemies and get the handles on your ship it sucks you into it’s simple, arcade like, game play. Flying around and freeing the space bunnies that allow you to unlock the heart, or love, connections to the next level!5_exit

In the end this game was not only worth the download but allows something you never see anymore. That ability to sit and play with a friend in the same room together! I don’t have to login to live and play with someone with another console, I can hand a controller to my friend and sit and enjoy the old school feel of this game right there and laugh together. This is what we need more of! If you ask me, you should be downloading this right now. Make sure if you do to add me (On Xbox Live as This Is Steps) and we can save the galaxy one heart at a time! Until next week guys! Bring some love back to this awesome game!





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