VisionCon 2017 day 1: And so it begins

So the time has finally come to be back in the world of the convention! This is the first con we have been back to since coming back to running a blog and it felt oh so good! Walking back into the doors and seeing people walking around as their favorite characters and seeing the opening ceremonies was amazing! I have missed this world so much, but that’s enough of me being the massive fanboy I am about it. Let me tell you all about the first day and what we got to experience!

We started walking through the halls just meeting the people that showed up as early as we did and there was already a good number of people dressed up or not just having a good time and laughing through the halls. The atmosphere was great from the second we got there and the panels quickly picked up and there were some good ones from the start! We of course stopped by to support our good friend Frank Wak (click here to check him out) and learned a bit about YouTube and editing! It was a good time. We got to meet and interview some guest (those will be coming as soon as possible) 

We wrapped up our day with walking the vendor room and talking with more people! Below are some of those pictures and you can follow us on social media to see more (links at the bottom) But this is where we will pick up tomorrow and just know we will have videos and pictures going up all day on social media and another update tomorrow night! We can’t wait to head back in the morning and bring more awesome content for you guys! Make sure and leave comments here or on social media and let us know if there is something you want us to do or cover tomorrow. We will be trying our best bring you interviews with Steve Downes and John Shipp by monday. 

Make sure to check back tomorrow and see what kinda fun we run into! 

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3 thoughts on “VisionCon 2017 day 1: And so it begins

  1. Vision con was the best and I can’t wait to go next year. I love how it’s a small con and that means you can have more one and one time with the guest. This was the best birthday gift I could ask for. I can’t until 2018. If your not there next year you’re missing out.


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