VisionCon 2017 Day Two: The meeting of the Fandoms

As far as this convention went, it was something completely different to me. I have covered anime conventions and comic cons but this seemed like a convention lost in between. Just for the record, this is not a bad thing but rather something that makes me love this convention more than ever. It was one of the largest merging of fandoms I have ever seen in one place. There was everything from anime to some of the greatest that comics have to offer. Video games took center stage for most of the convention with Overwatch, Halo, and Undertale taking the cake.

The people at this convention were the biggest reason that this convention has taken a special place in my heart. While there was not a huge amount of things to do and take in, the people that were around made it worth every minute of walking the floor and the halls. Everyone was so nice and loved just talking with the other people walking around. There were numerous people that we stopped to talk with that I felt like I knew them by the time we parted ways.

The vendor room floor was full for almost the entire day that it image_123986672seemed like the floor people was endless. Not that we could blame the people for walking around more than once, it took us numerous times to take in all the amazing art, books, and wares that people had to offer. There were several artist that were selling some of the best prints that I have seen in a while and the books that I heard pitched made me want to buy them all. (Speaking of which, we will have a post tomorrow talking about all the different writers and the books they have to offer!) Not only were the authors and artist ready to talk and mingle but the guest were walking around all day and doing things with the different press around and speaking with fans the entire day.

Coming into tomorrow, I can only expect that this convention will end on the same note it started, personal and intimate. While it may not be the greatest convention in terms of things to stay busy with, it makes up for every bit of that with the personal touch it brings when it comes to the community. This is a con that is going through growing pains and has grown from last year to this year and will adapt with time. If you ask me, I’ll be sad to see it end tomorrow and will look forward to seeing it return next year! Now, enjoy this video and make sure to join us on facebook to see more and the see the recap of day one click here

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