How to do what we love: An interview with RJ Haddy

Getting the chance to sit down and talk with RJ was a random chance kind of meeting. There was a set of interviews that I was prepared to do when I came to VisionCon but once we were in the interview room there was an opening to sit down and talk with the man that had created some amazing works on FaceOff. I had no idea what we would talk about but it was one of my favorite interviews that I have ever had the chance to sit down and do.


The first thing that came to mind to ask about was the show that many of us love watching. Seeing what goes on in the back ground of a reality show, you know the stuff we don’t get to see, has always interested me. His answer ¬†made us both laugh. There was nothing special. It was just wanting to eat and sleep but having to record the “at home” stuff for the show. They really just wanted to work but had to the other stuff for the show.

Digging a little deeper into his love for all things creation and special effects brought me to one of the questions I love to ask. “What got you started doing this type of work?” There is so much you can learn from someone with one simple question. He simply said Halloween at first. We talked about how it seems to be a running theme through my cosplay interviews and how it seems to be that holiday that drives us to make costumes and design more and more. As a cosplayer himself, he knew exactly what I meant. Hearing him talk about the passion he has behind all the work he does was something truly inspiring. He was truly someone that I could have sat and talked with all day.

Speimg_54db932668af741c098b4567_0aking of cosplay he had some interesting things to say about the world of cosplay. The
video of Adam Savage that made the rounds on social media recently was close to the same idea. He talked about walking through the convention dressed as the Penguin using his umbrella to make people move out of the way. He even said that doing it as the character, living as someone else for that moment was cool and people loved it, but it allowed us to live outside of ourselves for a moment. If he had done that just as himself, he would have gotten hit. He talked a little about judging cosplay contest and how hard it is. Seeing all the work that people put into their costumes and even saying that some are as good, if not better, than the ones you see in movies. I do not envy having to judge those, at all.


Watch the video for the full interview!

Click here.

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