TNA has been deleted and the WWE may become a little more broken

wwe-matt-jeff-hardy-interview-brandi-runnelsAs I am sure everyone reading this knows by now, the Hardy boys are no longer going to be working for TNA (or whatever it is they are calling it now). One of the most over characters in years was, not only disresepected in my opinion, but was allowed to leave over a few details that TNA would not budge on. Their biggest draw is now free to go where ever he wants and the rumors going now is that they may be walking into the WWE

But, let’s not just talk about rumors. Let’s talk about things that are actual happening. The broken family will be hosting a “broken tailgate” in the parking lot of Wrestlemania! There will be food and autographs and photo ops available. Other things that could come on the side of true is the fact that we don’t even know if he will be able to bring the broken character with him where he goes. Depending on who you ask depends on who owns the rights to the character. Will it be the same if we don’t get to see the Broken family in the WWE? Will the Hardy Boys have the same appeal? They would for me, but most want to see the gimmick that has made them a house hold name.

In the past year this character has turned my least favorite wrestling promotion into something that I watch just to see what they will do next. It is one of the greatest career resurrection I have ever seen. What ended for Matt in WWE as a bad joke and people making fun of his weight to being one of the most beloved wrestlers of the past two years. I truly hope we get to see his broken brillence in the WWE up against some of the best the world has to offer!

Could we possibly see the return of the Hardy’s and Kurt Angel the Raw right after Wrestlemania? If so that would be the greatest monday after Wrestlemania in a long, long time. It would provide so many angels that we all want to see. Could we get Kurt as our new commissioner? Who will the Hardy’s feud with? The Wyatt family perhaps? Let us know how you would book it in the comments! Thanks for reading and we will talk to you next time!

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