Broken Impact

Written by: Native Gamer

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The last few weeks have been very interesting for the, as Jack King would say, Wacky World of Professional Wrestling. But the biggest news going has been all of the dealings going on with Impact Wrestling, formerly TNA Wrestling, as the new owners start making changes, and the biggest story by far coming out of this is the Broken Hardy Odyssey.

The last few years have not been kind to Impact, as it has fallen into near obscurity to all but the faithful. But 2016 saw a renaissance for them, led by the house of hardy. Matt Hardy reinvented himself as Broken Matt, and with creativity that few had shown in the industry he constantly brought something new and interesting. You had to tune in to Impact every week to see what him, and the nefarious Brother Nero (Jeff Hardy) were going to do next, who they were going to Delete next. I had stopped watching Impact around 2012 or 2013 and suddenly I had to watch it every week, just to see what they were going to do next.

But as the new owners took over it was no secret that the Hardys contract were coming up, and everyone was speculating, including me, if they would stay in the Impact Zone or take the Broken Brilliance somewhere else. From all accounts it seemed like staying in Impact was what they wanted, to continue with the creative control they had enjoyed and to raise Impact to new heights as the creative alternative to the spectacle of Meekmahan’s or, or the technical prowess of the Honorable Ring. But alas it broke down, and now we are finally to the heart of this story.

Now we will never know exactly what went down, but we have enough context given from the players to put together the story, especially from Matt’s wife Reby Hardy, who in my mind is the official queen of twitter with the greatest feed ever. From what we can gather the Hardys were indeed intent on staying in Impact, but didnt receive a offer, a very restrictive and one sided offer by all accounts, until the last second. So the Hardy’s ended up leaving the company that they brought back into relevancy, and they could have parted amiably and it would be the end of it. They even offered to come back for the tv tapping after their contract was up to do the honors for another team and write themselves off tv. But Impact refused this, instead opting to give them a back handed slap of a no explanation vanishing and Decay just finding the titles on the ground, and a backhanded goodbye on twitter. Still, that could have been the end of it.

Instead, from following things, Impact is now trying to fight the Hardys over ownership of the Broken Universe, and threatening lawsuits against them and anyone who shows them on television, primarily the Honrable Ring and its distributors as the Hardys have rightfully signed the most lucrative contract in the companys history. Again, Impact are doing this to the people that saved the company. Impact is biting the hand that lifted them up, and trying to claim ownership over the Broken Brilliance that everyone knows comes from the Hardys themselves, and no matter what you want to say that is wrong. This could have been a nice parting, and Matt has shown on his twitter that he wants Impact to succeed, if for no other reason than the wrestlers deserve their talent to shine. But instead Anthem is being petty and trying hold on to something they had no part of, and in fact can do nothing with since the men behind it are gone.

In short, Fuck that Owl.

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