Logan was…. well it was Logan

Going into this movie I was bombarded by the thoughts of my friends and all the endless reviews online. There was nothing short of this being the best comic movie ever! It was the best thing anyone had seen. This was what Wolverine was meant to be the entire time. It was an endless shower of praise with no one saying what it simply was. This was the best X-men movie to date (for sure) but it was not the best comic book movie ever.

The movie started with showing us an old Logan fighting off a group of gangbangers. I dafne-keen-in-logan-movie-qu-1024x1204expected to see him tear them to pieces but what I got was this group of wanna be’s beating Logan down and then finally, he stood and tore them to pieces. This opening scene made me wonder if this movie was going to give me what I wanted to see. I expected him to be old but not to be someone who might as well be limping on a cane and yelling for kids to get off of his lawn. Time and time again I expected him to be the Wolverine that I am used to and through the entire movie… I never got it. Sure there were times that he showed some life but X-23 was the one that stole the show.

There were numerous times that if it was not for her, he would have died well before the end of the movie. As weird as it is to say, the movie lacked the action that I expected to see. I wanted to see the young Logan rip through people and tear them limb from limb, but instead what I got was an old man trying his best to be the animal he used to be. On the other hand,I got to see X-23 in all her glory with room to grow in future movies. I hope that they keep going with her as the actress was amazing and was the second best part of this entire movie.


Speaking of best parts of the movie. The one part that got me was the entire story surrounding Charles. Him being the feeble old man that had murdered everyone he loved but had no idea, was the most heart breaking thing. Someone who did so much for his kind, was now a helpless, and lost old man. It almost brought me to tears numerous time. Stewart deserves an oscar for that performance. It was something that will never leave me.

Overall it was an amazing movie. The story was good and grabbed my heartstrings and didn’t let go. The action, that I expected to over run the movie, was lacking in my personal opinion but was still there. I only wished they would have gone for a rated R Wolverine movie before it was the old man Logan movie. Emotionally it held me but I sat wondering what could have been.

What did you guys think? Did you expect from the movie and did it live up to that? Let me know in the comments below! What is the next rated R movie that you would like to see happen? Until next time guys!

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