And Finally! BaBN has returned to the intrnet!

4333341-4356878968-00028Guys it has felt like an eternity since I have been able to come here and talk all of the nerdy goodness that we love around here. Every since we posted the review of Logan (Click here if you didn’t get to see that) we have been kind of M.I.A. . Life gets in the way sometimes, we all know that feeling, and we lose sight of the things that we truly want to do with out free time. This was one of those. I came close to closing up shop and walking away from writing this blog and doing the Happy Haven Podcast because I do have things going on in my life that I have to balance. After taking some time and talking with my wife sitting down and thinking things through, I am not going to stop. I love talking this stuff and I love sharing it with anyone and everyone who takes the time to read or listen. So all that said let’s go over what you can expect from this blog from now on!

Starting off it will be like it was before, with one key difference. I found myself trying to copy and do things that other do so well. Like reviews of games. The only issue with this is that trying to do articles and such on games or topics that I did not want to do in the first place, only leads to terrible articles. So from now on you can expect one to two articles a week but at least for a while they will be over any and all topics that I truly find interesting or have an opinion on. I know this sounds obvious to most people but in worrying about numbers and such, I lost track of that. 1487651738141

We are still doing the Happy Haven podcast (Which you can find here). We have some
amazing guest coming up and it’s going to be a blast so make sure to subscribe to it on Itunes and SoundCloud. Leave us a review so we can spread to more and more people each week!

You can also expect to see our Youtube channel begin to pick up some steam in the coming weeks! We have some fun videos planned and it won’t be your average play throughs and of course some of me standing there giving you my opinion like you asked for it…although if you clicked it I guess you kind of were f7FdEdGasking for it.

So thank you all for your patients and just know that it’s going to get fun as we get this big train a’movin. Click the pictures below to catch up on some of our older post as well as joining us for the fun on all our social media and we even have a new group on Facebook called the Playground! Join the conversation there and let’s have a blast! Until next time guys, This is Steps.




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