The Diary of a Fat Nerd Vol. 1

If you read our welcome back post from yesterday then you will already know that I took some time off recently and was trying to get my priorities right. There was my love for writing and sharing it with you and then there was my health, both physical and mental. I tend to have a one track mind and sometimes it’s hard for me to focus my attention on the two most important things to me. Not to mention family and work, these are the two things that I do for me, I write and I need to focus on my weight loss. So why not do both? Why not incorporate my weight loss journey into my blog. I know for a fact that I am not the only one that is trying to better themselves in the way.  Wether you are wanting to lose weight or just get into better shape, body image is something that we all have in the back of our mind. So let’s begin the journey together. This series will be what I am doing, some of the thoughts I have, and how I am going about it.

The first stop on this journey for me is pretty simple. Watch the things I eat a little more and cut out some of the things that I know are the worst for me. There will be more details on the exact things I am planning in next weeks volume but for today we will stick with the basics. My first plan is to cut out all carbonated drinks, and most drinks that have calories of any kind. Most the time, having your calories from what you drink is just a bad idea. We can cut done a ton of our weekly intake just by drinking more water.

I also found that I have very little time for going to the actual gym. I have bought some weights to use at the house and there are plenty of at home work out routines that you can find all over the internet. Don’t get too caught up in which is best because at first, anything is better than nothing. Next week I will also layout my exact work out routine for you.

M goal is to lose close to 100 lbs and this will be a journey that takes a long time to achieve. I hope you will join me in my journey and continue the conversation in the comments below! Let me know how you are doing and what some of your goals are. Until next week! Keep trying and know that it is not failure unless you stop trying.

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